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About Parkhurst Chiropractic

Founded by Dr. Brian Parkhurst and his wife, Dr. Karla Parkhurst, in 1999, Parkhurst Chiropractic has been providing unmatched chiropractic care for over 23 years. Our early focus of working with anyone and everyone to provide an opportunity to obtain increased health remains our cornerstone today.

Our Community

Parkhurst Chiropractic is home to patients of all ages, athletic backgrounds, and lifestyles. Our care can be tailored to the needs of pregnant mothers, infants, young children, active teenagers, middle-aged adults, as well as the older population. We have not only helped diagnose and treat newborns, but we have also assisted elite athletes who have sustained significant sports injuries to recover and obtain enhanced performance.

While reinstating hope and producing results through personalized care is our main motivation, our unparalleled success is an added reward. Whether your goal is to put your socks on, walk to the mailbox, beat your personal best, make the team, or break a world record – we are here to help!

Proud Supporters

Parkhurst Chiropractic is honored to support our local schools, sports teams, and special causes. A few of our wellness partners and community sponsorships are City of Holland K9 Team, Holland 100 Bike Ride, Holland Free Health Clinic, Hamilton Athletics, the Special Olympics, as well as countless individual athletes.

The Heart of Parkhurst Chiropractic

We are honored to serve generations of families seeking optimum health, and we strive to see them through the ups and downs of life. Our chiropractors and wellness professionals live to help you and your family experience the world happily and fully for years to come.

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